Copyright Agreement and Terms of Service

I certify that I have obtained all customary permissions to use any copyright material which appears in my paper for the 22nd World Petroleum Congress, and also permission from my organisation for the paper to appear in the pre-print version and to be published in the Proceedings of the 22nd World Petroleum Congress and any other official WPC publications. I assign the copyright of this paper to the Executive Committee of the World Petroleum Council, to be used in all media, e.g. hard-copy, electronic and any other. I agree also, that in the event of the Congress being cancelled for any reason at all, my paper may be published in book form or other media even though it was not possible to present it.

WPC will not accept any paper for publication that is not accompanied by this declaration. No paper or part of a paper may be published elsewhere before the Congress commences, except with the specific permission of the WPC.